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April 13, 2010
Yes, there is still time to get your graduation announcements and invitations!  I am pretty busy with orders now, but I will still create a proof for your approval with 24 hours (usually much sooner than that) and the printers are great to get my cards printed quickly.  So... if you wanted to get announcements but didn't, there is definitely still time!  Remember Press Printed Cards do take me about a week to get back, but photo paper only takes about 3 days for me. 

Spring Sale

April 11, 2010
The Press Paper Sale has been going great.  I have been really impressed with both the glossy and matte papers.  They are proving to be a great addition to the kodak professional photo paper!  I have been doing alot of graduation invites on the glossy and they look great.

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8x10 wall prints

March 6, 2010
If you like my designs but really don't need cards or invitations,  I now offer 8x10 prints ready to frame.  All designs can be used.  For example, with the Birth Announcements some wording would be left off but the baby's name and statistics would be left.  What a cute idea for a baby gift, and you know grandma would love one :)

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New Paper Options

March 1, 2010
I am happy to offer two great press papers in addition to the Kodak Professional Photo Paper.  With the original Kodak Photo Paper, your card is an actual photograph.   The NEW  Glossy Press Paper is like greeting cards sold in stores.  The Smooth Matte Press Paper is heavy cardstock, like invitations are usually printed on.  All three are super options.  Currently I only offer the new papers with 75+ cards.  The good news is...The price is the same for all three papers!!!
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Memorial Cards

February 23, 2010
Today I added some memorial/remembrance cards.  They are a nice idea to remember a loved one. 

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New Product!

February 22, 2010
I am so excited to tell you that I will soon be offering bookmarks.  These will be photo bookmarks that can introduce a new baby, a proud graduate, or an upcoming wedding.  The possibilities are endless.  I hope to have these on my website very soon, so please check back often!!

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Updated Store

February 21, 2010
So I basically spent the whole afternoon trying to simplify my store and make it more user friendly.  Not sure if I really improved it or not.  Tomorrow I am working on more Save the Date cards, so check back and look at my new designs.

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Welcome to my blog

February 20, 2010
Feel free to send me comments about my site.  I will post updates soon.

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